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Tired of the tedious life of Connectivity Lifecycle Management? Do you know you need change but don’t know exactly where to start? Before accurately determining where you need to go, first know where you are. Your AccuPoint Assessment Report determines your organizational proficiency across the core disciplines of Connectivity Lifecycle Management:

  • Market Pricing

  • Vendor Sourcing

  • Operational Necessity

  • Contract Compliance

  • Lifecycle Operations

Use your AccuPoint Assessment to achieve an objective, benchmarked perspective of enterprise performance, financial opportunity, and a roadmap to a state of best practice.

AIM, at the Center


At the center of every service is Acculus AIM, a critical tool for translating raw data into usable insights. While AIM is an important component of every Acculus engagement, it is a tool. Much like a hammer is to a person, owning one doesn’t make for a carpenter. That’s why the right tool (AIM) in the hands of the right people (Acculus) makes your Connectivity Lifecycle Management world a better place.

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