Meet Julie. Julie manages telecom expenses for a large retail chain with over 4,000 locations. Needless to say, this is a massive undertaking requiring a big picture view with the understanding that the opportunities for savings are often hidden in the details.

Julie gets it. Which is why she engaged Acculus to audit her phone bills for individual retail locations. The objective: see if there were any opportunities that had slipped through the cracks. Spoiler alert… there were.

Acculus discovered a system-wide carrier error resulting in a multi-million dollar refund for the retailer. The error was a function of language in the client contract versus language in the vendor’s Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) state tariff. Acculus also negotiated a contract correction that delivered an additional several million dollars in savings.

In this case, the devil was definitely in the details! But Julie prevailed, bringing millions back to her bottom line.

are you leaving money on the table by assuming things are where they should be with invoices against contract, pricing, services used vs services billed? when was the last time you evaluated your connectivity vendors through the lens of an independent audit? to get one now, send a note with your availability using the form below.

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