Connectivity (the use of telecom and related technology) is critical to every experience in your business. Eliminate the tedious work of managing your connectivity sourcing and lifecycle with Acculus Connectivity Lifecycle Management (CLM). Achieve complete enterprise visibility about how things are working together while shielding yourself from the tedious lifecycle management work that distracts you and your team from higher value work priorities. From sourcing vendors, to managing assets and expenses, to using analytics and ensuring the support necessary in driving top performance from vendors, choose the safety net for better connectivity experiences for the people in your world with Acculus CLM. Oh and yes, you’ll save lots of money too.

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ACHIEVE VALUE beyond savings

While auditing invoices and managing assets are part of creating value, they aren’t the only component. Understanding the impact of connectivity on the performance of your business is paramount. Analyzing utilization, productivity continuity, and proactively evaluating how integrated assets and services are performing together...all contribute to value.


Empower your people...your team and your internal customers. Using visibility to data and insights from subject matter experts about value, costs, and utilization, empower the people with knowledge on how they can easily participate in supporting the value chain of your CLM. Acculus CLM is more than seeing and sharing data. It’s about using a system to create a culture of shared value.

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MANAGED solution

To achieve the best results, both short and long term, a managed service approach is often the right choice. A managed service approach delivers value in situations where your challenges are systemic, including things like: a resource shortage, budget constraints, organizations engaged in large scale strategic change, or organizations with system complexity in their connectivity footprint.


Sometimes people are facing surprises or unique situations that require project work in one or multiple service categories of Connectivity Lifecycle Management. Whether sourcing new vendors, implementing a best practice for managing connectivity expenses, or some other CLM priority, a project may be the answer for your need. All categories are of CLM are eligible for project work.

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