Opportunity Management

Change is the only constant in the connectivity economy. The demands of your people constantly change, as do the services and assets provided by your connectivity vendors. Things often end up feeling like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Cut expenses, improve contract compliance and speed reimbursement with Opportunity Management by Acculus. Of the five disciplines of Connectivity Lifecycle Management, four areas are in focus in Opportunity Management:

  • Market Pricing

  • Vendor Sourcing

  • Operational Necessity

  • Contract Compliance

Opportunity Management service is delivered using the Acculus Method. Designed to deliver optimal results, the Acculus Method creates discipline with process and details in discovery, analysis, planning, implementing, and managing each identified opportunity. The method is agnostic of vendors and services, applying to all connectivity vendors.

To shed light on your opportunities, consider making your AccuPoint Assessment a priority today.

AIM, at the Center


At the center of every service is Acculus AIM, a critical tool for translating raw data into usable insights. While AIM is an important component of every Acculus engagement, it is a tool. Much like a hammer is to a person, owning one doesn’t make for a carpenter. That’s why the right tool (AIM) in the hands of the right people (Acculus) makes your Connectivity Lifecycle Management world a better place.

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