Hitch a quick ride in the way-back machine to North Carolina, 1993. John Clancy, an engineer at a utility company, was presented with a problem by Michael, a commercial customer. Michael received a bill he claimed to be inaccurate. He made the case to John that the inaccuracy was due to a power surge problem the utility company had created for themselves.

John was perplexed by Michael’s story because, as far as he understood, a bill was a simple static representation of services rendered. But Michael was committed to his story and John was curious. So, he pulled back the covers. It was then that John discovered layers of complexity that in every way would, not only validate Michael’s claim, but would be true for many others. In fact, John learned that there was an entire marketplace of Michaels. And that’s when Acculus came to be.

Fast forward to the year 2000. John had a thriving business sprawling beyond auditing electric utility vendor bills. Services organically grew to focus on vendor sourcing and lifecycle management of connectivity vendors in the telecom and technology space. During the sprawl, John developed a handful of industry-side relationships. A key relationship sprouted with a guy who knew how to find opportunities but needed people to execute on them. A few years and multiple handshake-projects later, Carter Linstead officially joined the Acculus leadership team.

So, what about John’s first customer, Michael? He’s the hero. Because of his vigilance, John went from curious to vigilant too. Now John (with his operational excellence superpower) and Carter (with his customer-whispering superpower) take that same vigilance in helping Michael’s everywhere.



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John Clancy

Principle, Founder

John founded Acculus (FKA Recovered Capital Corporation) in the early 1990s, driven by the desire to foster true relationships and serve customers in the highest possible fashion. John’s strategic vision for providing clients with increased visibility and organized access to detailed and accurate critical life cycle connectivity information, enables end users to make better decisions, faster. John has faithfully led his team of select experts through 25+ years of successful engagements with over 700 national and global clients. John is most proud of the reputation of quality, trust and integrity his team has fostered in serving their regional, national, and global clientele. It is still that desire to forge true relationships and provide top-notch customer service that drives John today.  

John earned his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He enjoys boating, skiing and most all other sports and activities with his family. John has given his time generously to sponsoring charitable kids sports leagues, as well as the local FoodforDays program and the annual Trees4FoodDrive in support of local soup kitchens. 

For more on John's background, check his profile on LinkedIn.

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A. Carter Linstead


AC “Carter” Linstead has worked in a wide variety of entrepreneurial and senior management roles in the utility, construction and telecommunications fields. He attributes his breadth and depth of experience in large part to the fact that he is “as old as dirt.” In the late 1990s, Carter was working in Executive Management at a successful San Francisco energy audit firm, but living in Boston with his wife. The work was rewarding, challenging and lucrative, but the traveling took its toll. He spearheaded an expansion of that Energy focused firm into the telecommunications field, and when the firm decided to later exit the telecom side of the business, Carter decided to stay and has been in the voice and data field in one capacity or another ever since. Carter founded a successful telecommunications consulting firm that quickly built a reputation as one of the best and most trusted boutique firms in the industry. He sold the firm in late 2000s and, three days after his non-compete agreement expired in 2011, he joined up as a Partner with the one firm he had consistently seen perform with total quality and absolute integrity, Acculus!

Carter loves business and loves his family. He has a son in college, a daughter in high school and he is still, all these years later, happily married to that same lovely young bride who stuck with him even when he was traveling coast to coast.

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Cody Bender

Senior Analyst, Application Development

Cody loves leveraging his background and experience in IT management and application development to help people and organizations make better choices around their connectivity vendor management. After nearly a decade serving in various roles centered around PC repair and IT management (including running his own mobile computer repair company), Cody was looking to get out of the “break/fix/install” side of IT and into the strategic/consulting side which led him to Acculus where the constant problem solving provides a great outlet for his curious, analytical mind.

Cody holds certifications in IP Networking, PC Hardware, mobile application development, and Audio Video integration. He enjoys woodworking and furniture building, anything fitness related, lake sports like skiing and wakeboarding, and anything outdoors.

For more on Cody’s background, check his profile on LinkedIn.

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Ron Smith

Data Team Lead

As Data Team Lead for Acculus, Ron focuses on the search and exposure of inefficiencies and savings opportunities. The right orchestration of process and technology, is pivotal in achieving consistent performance. And it only helps that technology is in Ron’s blood. He grew up in Silicon Valley, raised in a home by his dad, a hardware engineer. Early on, Ron was more interested in fast cars and flying airplanes (he had his private pilot’s license before his senior year of high school). After joining the Army and flying scout helicopters around Afghanistan and Iraq for a few years, Ron fostered his IT roots and used his GI bill to finish his education. Ron joined Acculus in 2017, inspired by a world where the right people can become heroes who save millions when armed with the right information.

When Ron isn’t finding opportunities, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, working on cars, doing home improvement projects, and going on adventures with his family.

For more on Ron’s background, check his profile on LinkedIn.



Affording you the opportunity to focus on the highest value priorities in your work without the distractions and tedious work of vendor lifecycle management. While a necessary part of ensuring the best connectivity experiences for your people, the burden of work doing it must not outweigh the value it delivers.




The desire to foster true relationships and serve customers in the highest possible fashion is what drives us everyday. That desire is founded in three core principles which guide all of our work, interaction with our customers and each other.



Defined as “careful and persistent work”, diligence is foundational in attitude and effort. It is essential to ending the tedious nature of Connectivity Lifecycle Management...for you.



While this seems a bit outside the box of a principle, it is something to aspire to in Connectivity Lifecycle Management. Accuracy is defined as “the quality or state of being correct or precise”. Candidly, that’s a lost art in the Connectivity space, unless you work with Acculus.



Maybe this one seems obvious. Unfortunately, in the Connectivity economy, it is too often not a priority. Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest”. Simply put, there is no other way to be or do anything.