Life managing connectivity vendors

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In a world where connectivity is essential to every experience in your business, why is it so hard to make sure the technology and the vendors behind it are doing it well? It’s vendor sourcing and lifecycle management…ugh. Press play for a glimpse of the ‘before and after’.


your peers

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Hear the stories of your peers, leaders who chose to break free from the tedious work of sourcing and managing the lifecycle of their connectivity vendors. Now, by making more informed decisions more quickly, they are each able to focus on higher value work priorities. And most importantly, they are contributing to better connectivity experiences for all their people…inside and out of their organization.



consider your options

Shield yourself from the tedious work of managing your connectivity sourcing and lifecycle with Acculus Connectivity Lifecycle Management (CLM). See what you need to see to make more informed decisions. Create mental space to focus on higher value work priorities. Learn more about the value you can achieve with managed and project solutions.




Do you know you need change but don’t know where to start? How would your organization score against best practice in Connectivity Vendor Sourcing and Lifecycle Management? Are you leaving money on the table, or paying for things you don’t use, or allowing exposure to hidden legal dangers? Consider the merits of your own AccuPoint Assessment. Don’t remain in the dark. Click now to learn more.



end the madness

The right method truly does end the madness. Chaos cedes to systematization while data is translated into insights. Human error is minimized allowing insights to be more effectively utilized for truly informed decision-making. And method makes performance sustainable over time.


Connectivity lifecycle management and mountain climbing?

a blog for the curious mind

So you want to learn the secrets of adventures in mountain climbing?! Ok, maybe not so much the right topic here. BUT sourcing connectivity vendors and managing their lifecycle is somewhat akin to such an adventure. The terrain is tricky, weather conditions are ever-changing often treacherous, and it’s easy to lose your way without GPS. Much the same is true in this space. Learn from experiences and stories about why it matters to do this stuff well, how to do it well, and what to avoid…press the button!