Introducing Acculus

Recovered Capital Corporation Rebrands With a New Perspective As Seen Through The Lens of The Audience

Charlotte, North Carolina - January 8, 2019 -
Recovered Capital Corporation, a consultancy in the connectivity vendor sourcing and lifecycle management space, announced today a rebrand of their organization. 

Circa 1993, North Carolina. John Clancy, an engineer at a utility company, was presented with a problem by Michael, a commercial customer. Michael received a bill he claimed to be inaccurate. He made the case to John that the inaccuracy was due to a power surge problem the utility company had created for themselves. And that’s when RCC, now known as Acculus, came to be.

Since then, Acculus has grown in clients, revenue, team members, and reputation. The rebranding effort is the result of nearly five months of work that began with a hard look at the "why", "what", and "how" of the company. While the leadership team engaged in this effort to prepare the company for increasing market demand for services, they wanted to better understand their brand through the lens of their customer audience.

"Managing connectivity vendors is a tedious endeavor that creates a lot of inefficiency, distraction, and drain on profitability," said John Clancy, Principal and Founder of Acculus. "But those are just pain points. Working with Acculus is an exercise in not only minimizing that pain, but trusting that it’s sustainable so that people can focus on higher value priorities.”

Acculus engaged brand strategy firm Lumotiv to guide the rebranding efforts. "No doubt the brand needed a facelift. While that certainly happened, the real value in this project was getting a view of the brand through the lens of the audience," said John. "This perspective opened us up to thinking and communicating in a way that truly connects with people around the things they care about. It essentially moved us from selling services to discussing priorities and how to achieve desired results."

When asked what the word Acculus means, John responded, "It’s a Latin word mash of Acri, which means “sharp”, and Oculus, which means “sight”. With so many moving parts and complexity in the connectivity technology and infrastructure of companies these days, it’s tough for IT leaders to achieve the visibility they need to make informed decisions. Moreover, it is unreasonable for them to realistically have independent perspective on the market and consider how that factors into decisions. Leaders can however achieve “sharp sight” with Acculus.”

Acculus has already launched a fresh go-to-market plan expecting new growth in serving both current clients and prospective clients. They expect to double the company within the next 18 to 24 months.

About Acculus
Connectivity is essential to every experience in your business. So is sourcing and managing the lifecycle of the right vendors. But the work is tedious. Multiple vendors and constant change in the footprint of your business make it hard to see what’s going on and even harder to be effective.

 But it doesn’t have to be that way. Break free from the tedious work of sourcing and managing the lifecycle of your connectivity vendors. Sharpen your perspective with insights useful in making more informed decisions. And contribute to better connectivity experiences for all your people. Get Acculus.

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