Meet Rose. Rose works for a Fortune 500 IT services firm. She knows that Fortune 500 companies don’t get to be Fortune 500 companies by paying too much for legacy telecom services. But as companies grow and evolve, they often outgrow (or evolve past) their telecom contracts, sometimes without even noticing… Even if you have a whole team of people auditing the bills and negotiating contract renewals.

This is where Rose found herself when she engaged Acculus to perform a detailed 3rd party assessment of her firm’s long-distance/data contract and bills. Acculus obtained a $360,000 refund and negotiated contract improvements which reduced yearly spend by $2 million… a whopping 33% decrease!

When was the last time you Considered the merits of an independent audit of your long-distance and data spend? to get one now, use the form below and share your availability for a call.

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